Day 1, May 30

Cloudflare serves over fifty million HTTP requests per second and blocks hundreds of billions of threats every day. In this session, we'll explore the latest batch of threat data gleaned from our network traffic and discuss key takeaways for organizations.  


For many organizations, the question isn't if they'll be attacked, but when and how it will happen. This session will discuss strategies organizations can use to preserve business operations in a world where attacks are inevitable


In this session, we'll cover the changes to the evolving global standard and privacy regulation landscape and explore what they mean for businesses. Topics covered include: 

  • Digital modernization's impact on compliance with the accelerated adoption of cloud and AI
  • Regulatory impacts of changes to major industry and regional privacy standards, such as PCI, NIS2 and US state-specific standards, on global organizations’ approach to security and compliance

Many organizations are trying to consolidate their security and IT stacks in order to work more efficiently, reduce risk, and cut costs. This session will discuss strategies for effective consolidation that actually delivers on its promises.


Whether or not you're aware of it, AI tools are gaining popularity amongst your workforce. In this session, we'll discuss strategies for enabling AI experimentation without risking the loss of proprietary code, messaging, and other proprietary data.


Digital teams face constant pressure to power their web applications with new features and services (particularly AI). But every new feature adds risk. In this session, we'll discuss strategies for mitigating that risk without slowing down the innovation engine.  


In this session, Cloudflare's CSO and a leader from our security incident response team will discuss our response to a recent attack on our systems.


While phishing attacks continue to capture headlines and business revenue, it can be unclear how to best protect employees that are increasingly being targeted across multiple applications, including email. In this session, we’ll discuss phishing trends, how attackers leverage various applications to bait users, and the most effective strategy for shutting down known and emerging phishing campaigns.



Visibility is critical for security and network operation teams. The rapid adoption of hybrid work and cloud platforms has made troubleshooting, policy enforcement, and reporting more difficult. In this session we’ll discuss how Cloudflare One, our SASE platform, can provide end to end visibility across all of your security and network operations. You can get practical advice from a current customer on leveraging visibility tools to improve your troubleshooting, forensics, reporting, connectivity, and security posture.


Future advances in quantum computing could put today's encryped data at risk, but recent cryptographic advances can help reduce this threat. In this session, Cloudflare's research team describes straightfoward ways security teams can take advantage of these advances — and answers other questions you have on post-quantum cryptography.


What AI model should your adopt for your new project? Where should it run, and what should it connect to? This session will discuss these (and other) critical questions to help organization who are starting to embrace AI.